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Nurses are considered the backbone of the healthcare system. The nurse plays a key role, give proper care to patients and manage their physical needs. Furthermore prevents the patients from illness and records the information essential for the decision-making regarding the treatment of patients. As nurses play a most crucial role, so nursing education is necessary. The proper training and learning in the field of nursing are referred to as nursing education. Various universities offered different programs and degrees to the student to get a nursing education. It ensures that the next generation nurses will master in their profession rather than have basic knowledge of patients’ care. It will provide the nurse to pursue their professional career in the best manner. The educational institutes should make strategic implementation for the betterment of nursing education at higher levels.

Nursing Education in University:

As nursing is a science and an art, teaching and understanding the subject requires compassion and passion. Nursing education is a combination of practical and theoretical training delivered to the nurses to prepare them for their roles as healthcare providers. Many countries provide students nursing education courses. The courses are relevant to the general to specialized areas, including pediatric nursing, mental health care nursing, and post-operatory nursing. These courses and programs are offered in universities. The students are enrolled in the university to get a degree or diploma or a bachelor’s science in nursing. In the world, nursing is considered the unique profession in health care. This profession has various educational pathways, which lead the nurses to get an entry license to practice. Past few decades, educational institutes such as universities and different medical colleges offered various programs and degrees to the students. It includes BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing), ADN (Associate degree in Nursing), and the diploma in Nursing.

Significance of Nursing Education in University:

The nurses should be highly qualified to provide high-quality and safe care to patients in the future.  For the education of nurses, educational institutes such as universities play a crucial role. Educational institutes offered various programs and courses to nursing students, which enabled them to enter professional life.   The nurses’ education in university is essential because nurses are being asked to attain higher education at all levels. According to the future of nursing report, IOM said that 80% of the nurses should have a minimum of BSN (Bachelors of Science in Learning) by 2020 (The Importance of Increasing Education in Nursing, 2019).  This recommendation is given because of the complex demand of the health care system. Medical universities and colleges should offer BSN programs and courses to nursing students to pursue their professional careers. Nursing education very essential in university because of the changing demand of the industry. The medical and health care sector adopts new technologies and policies for the better health care of the patients, so well-qualified nurses are needed in the health care sector. Furthermore, a higher education degree in nursing enables the nursing students to be master in their profession. The nursing education programs in the university allow the nursing students to adapt and better understand the evolving model of healthcare. Moreover, educational institutes such as universities provide student nurses with specified degrees, such as BSN. These degrees are beneficial for the student nurses for their career advancement, advanced knowledge and skills, quality care for patients, and advanced job qualification. So proper nursing education in the universities is crucial for the nursing student.

Strategic Implementations That Can Be Made for the Betterment of Nursing Education in University:

The employment of well-qualified nurses is an essential requirement of the health care system. The well-qualified and well-trained nurses cater to the patient’s various demands. The primary responsibility of the education system is to provide high-quality education to the students at the university level. The education system should implement effective strategies for the betterment of nursing education in the university. The university should implement various strategies to engage the students in their learning activities and clinical settings. The engagement of the student in their learning enhances their academic performance.  The strategies that university can implement include:

Technology-based Strategies:

The university should use advanced technology to enhance the engagement of the student in their learning. The teachers use online technology like Kahoot during their lectures. Kahoot is an accessible web-based technology that combines a quizzing tool with a lecture to promote learner participation. It is an exciting technology that enhances the learning abilities of nursing students. The university can use online teaching techniques for the betterment of nursing education. The web-based courses provide many opportunities for nursing students to engage in their learning activities actively.

Collaborative Strategies:

Collaborative learning is a set of instructional strategies that enable students to collaborate to attain a common learning goal. It entails collaborative intellectual work between students or between students and educators. Students are in charge of group governance and educational output in this approach. The collaborative strategies include: team-based learning; TBL (team-based learning) is a shared learning and teaching technique that health sciences educators typically employ in preclinical and clinical programs to encourage self-directed learning.

Service-based Strategy:

Service-based learning entails structured learning outside the classroom between the learner and a service that aims to achieve common goals. This is one of the most effective strategies that universities can use because it gives practical learning to students.


The nurse plays a crucial role in the health care system, so nurses must be well-qualified. This article concluded that for better and good nursing education, it is necessary that educational institutes, such as universities, offer various degrees and programs. Coursework writing service opinion about nursing education in the university is essential because the healthcare sector now utilises advanced technology and policies. So the higher nursing education enables them to adapt and clearly understand those cutting-edge technologies and practices. Now health care system forced that nurses should have at least a BSN degree for their career advancement. The universities offer that programs. The educational sector must implement effective strategies for the betterment of nursing education in the university.

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